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Based in Paris, France

Born in a middle class Paris suburb in the 1970’s, Jean Marie grew up watching endless westerns and classic cinema. he starts to believe this world could be in his future…

After getting a Masters Degree in History at the Sorbonne he worked as a planetarium builder before fully engaging in the film industry.

Starting as an assistant cameraman for IMAX documentaries, features and commercials, 

JM worked his way up to DP and has filmed all over the world for the last 25 years.

Countries he is being filming in includes :

Ukraine (kiev, Odessa), Bulgaria, Poland, Czech republic, Slovaquia, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Suizerland, Italy, Nederland, Sarajevo, England, Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Canarias, Baleares, Sevilla), KSA,  Marocco (Casablanca, Tanja, Marrakesh), Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt (Cairo, red sea), Quatar, South africa, Ivory coast, Turkie, Greece, Afghanistan, Kashmir, India, Thailand, Kuala Lumpur, Japan, Ivory coast, South Africa, France , USA (Los Angeles, Hawaii, New Orleans), Mexico.